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Clothing fetish

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Latex fetish is the fetishistic attraction to latex clothing or garments and sometimes fetish leather skirt rubber fetishism as latex is a type of rubber. In the case of heterosexuals, special preferences often include nylon clothing items designed for or belonging to the other sex. Leather fetishism is the name popularly used to describe a sexual attraction to people wearing leather and or to the garments themselves. Some speculate that the strong attraction some men exhibit to the smell of socks worn by women may be an example of the existence of human pheromones the hypothesis being that the sweat from women's feet may contain chemical attractants that arouse a male subject and that when a male subject is exposed to the smell of women's feet or footwear at a young age that young man fetish leather skirt carry a strong psycho-chemical fetish leather skirt which motivates his enthusiasm for worn socks or shoes later fetish leather skirt life. The top garment fetish was clothes worn on the legs or buttocks such as stockings or skirtsfollowed by footwear, underwear, whole-body wear such as costumes and coatsand upper-body wear such as jackets or waistcoats. As many restrictive items of fetish leather skirt belong to women's fashion, male restrictive clothing fetishists can have problems in obtaining and using such items without being labeled as transvestites. Spandex fetishism is a fetishistic attraction to people wearing stretch fabrics or, in certain cases, to the garments themselves, such as leotards. In the s, pop music performers such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper reintroduced and popularized the corset as a daring example of underwear as outerwear. Latex fetishism includes wearing clothing made from latex, observing it worn by others, and enjoyment of erotic fantasies featuring latex garments, catsuits, hoods, divers or industrial protective clothing.

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